Use this FRAMEWORK to know why your Facebook Ad is underperforming and what you can do to improve your results

for business owners, service providers, and social media marketers

A 6-step framework for improving your ad performance

This is not a Facebook Ads Course!

You have already taken a course on how to run ads… 

What happens when you set up an ad campaign and click “publish” with high hopes, but you keep loosing money everyday?

Your budget is being spent, but there is no result to show for it.

You just can’t figure out what is wrong…

You have tried increasing your budget…

You have tried changing the creative…

Infact you have given up on Facebook Ads… it’s just not for you.

I’ll be truthful with you, the cost of advertising has generally…

But some poor results you are getting may not be because of this general increase at all

It may be because of a campaign issue you have not identified and fixed.

This is where the Facebook Ad Troubleshooting Framework comes in.

In 6 steps, you can know exactly which part of your campaign has an issue, and what you can do about it.

Who will be teaching you?

Fii Stephen

  • Growth Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Multiple certified Facebook expert.
  • 5+ years experience
  • Managed over $14,000/month ad budget

In this course, you will get:

The FACEBOOK AD TROUBLESHOOTING FRAMEWORK is a 6-step framework to identify and solve the problem of low performing ads.

for business owners, service providers, and social media marketers

What is this course worth to you?

What difference would it make if you clearly know why your Facebook ad is not performing well and what you can do to fix it?

The true worth depends on what you do with it.

You can get access to this course at ₦10,000 and stop low performing ads.

This is what you will be getting:

Video Course

Simple, short, and straight to the point videos showing you how to diagnose and fix your ads

PDF Template

Practical step-by-step guide for Facebook Ad diagnosis and optimisation

For a limited time you can get access to this course now at a 50% discount.

This is what you will be getting:

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