Going beyond boundaries

Going beyond boundaries

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”⁣

This is a quote from the Bible, but it has been a watchword for me.⁣

It does two things – ⁣
First it allows me deliver the best I can
Secondly, it makes me keep pushing my boundaries so I can “increase my might”.⁣
⁣You see that second part? That’s where we miss it some times.⁣

⁣We give ourselves excuses that seem true.⁣

⁣”This is the best I can do”⁣

⁣”I’ve tried my best I cannot kill myself”⁣

⁣Is it true? ⁣

⁣Maybe Yes. ⁣
It’s true you’ve done your best.⁣

⁣But what if you try to increase your best? ⁣

⁣Why is your best not improving?⁣
⁣Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…⁣

⁣But constantly work to improve your might.⁣

⁣This is what I do in my own life.⁣

⁣Did you learn something?⁣

To your continued digital productivity.


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