How to learn online (Part 4 – Social Media)

How to learn online (Part 4 – Social Media)

You need to stay away from social media… Except it helps you grow.⁣
This is not a deep statement. It is common sense. You should stay away from anything that doesn’t support your growth. ⁣
This sounds good in the ear, but is it that easy?⁣⁣

You’ll tell yourself on Sunday after a powerful service that social media is a distraction.⁣
You’ll uninstall it by yourself and feel like the most serious person in your state. You even start advising people you see opening Instagram.⁣
You’ll tell them “Sister, focus on your life. Social media is a distraction”⁣

⁣By Wednesday your body is already doing you somehow. It’s as if it’s the stress of the week… But you and I know the exact thing that’s doing you.⁣

⁣On Thursday you just want to download Facebook, just Facebook so you’ll “check something” for a few minutes.⁣

⁣Now uncle playstore is telling you that your storage space is not enough to install. You’ve deleted all the make-up applications you have on your phone, still no space.⁣

⁣Finally you have to humble yourself and put on your xender so Kennedy can help your “stress”.⁣
You’ve installed. You’ve logged in… And you are checking something.⁣
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 2 weeks, 4 months… You’ve not uninstalled it again till today.⁣

⁣It’s okay. I understand. ⁣

⁣Welcome to today’s service.⁣

⁣You are about to improve the way you use social media drastically… Learning from someone that does the same.⁣
Ready? ⁣
I’ll get right into it.⁣

⁣What do I mean?⁣

⁣In school, you study only the courses you registered for. ⁣
You can’t normally leave your biochemistry class to go take lectures and exams in political science when you didn’t register for it.⁣
Social media is like a school.⁣
The courses are the people you are following.⁣
You choose your courses by yourself… At the end of your learning process, you’ll be certified based on what you’ve been learning.⁣
Now, imagine you’ve been learning NOTHING from all the people you choose to follow.⁣

⁣B.Sc Hons in Nothing.⁣
⁣This is the first step of learning on social media.⁣
If you are a graphic designer like the creative Daniel George or a fabric designer like the awesome Edward Gajere and you are not following people in your niche who:⁣
⁣1. Inspire you to be better⁣
2. Teach you directly or indirectly⁣
3. Shows you what is possible through their contents⁣

then you are registered for the wrong courses in the social media school.⁣
⁣ACTION POINT: Review the people you are following, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, everywhere. ⁣

My mentor Elisha Mamman once said, who you follow determines what follows you. ⁣

⁣I think it’s valid everywhere. ⁣
To your continued Digital Productivity,⁣


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