The time for cutting

The time for cutting

I was going to send this to just my mailing list, but I’ll share it with you here.⁣

The world will not stop demanding from you.⁣⁣

After you finish the 12 episodes of the series, you’ll still get back to the demands of this world.⁣

It is worse when you are in a society where no one is coming to save you.⁣

Even if there is, you are not on the selected list of the “underprivileged”.⁣
I’ll make this post as short as possible and convey this message in a very simple way.⁣
⁣The world will not stop demanding from you.⁣

But thankfully, there is a way out.⁣

A way that many people before you have used and are still using to rise up to the demands of Life. ⁣

⁣To explain this better, come with me let’s look at a book that was written a long time ago. ⁣
⁣This book was said to be written by a person referred to as “the philosopher”.⁣
Although his identity is said to be Solomon based on teachings, this is not the focus of this post. ⁣

The focus is something he said in his writings.⁣
The name of the book is Ecclesiastes and the exact thing I’m referring to can be found in the tenth verse of the tenth chapter.⁣
He made a statement that I have had to keep thinking about.⁣

⁣”If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.”⁣
Eccle 10.10 NIV⁣

So if too much strength is needed for something, could it be an issue with the axe and not the thing itself?⁣

⁣If it’s taking too long to get a job, could it be the axe? Could it be you haven’t sharpened enough?⁣

⁣I’ll come back to that. ⁣
The first lesson I got from that is the lesson of the tool.⁣

No matter how sharp a razor blade is, it cannot cut a tree. ⁣

So for some people, your first task at this time is not to sharpen anything. It is to be sure the tool you are using is fit for what you want to cut.⁣
⁣If you understand this, you’ll not disturb people much… And you’ll not judge them too. ⁣

⁣You’ll understand better what John Obidi calls “fights are different”.⁣

⁣People are chilling all day, night and day, all through this period and you are joining them.⁣

⁣You don’t know if what is before them is paper and the razor they have is just enough. ⁣

⁣I won’t talk about this further, but still walk with me. Let’s talk. ⁣
⁣Skill will bring success.⁣

⁣I didn’t say it.⁣

⁣The philosopher did.⁣

⁣I just came to remind you that the time for cutting is coming.⁣

⁣After all these is over, there will be trees to cut and people will be looking for the sharp axes.⁣

⁣How are you sharpening your axe?⁣

⁣How are you improving your skill?⁣⁣
The world will not stop demanding from you.⁣

But you must demand from yourself more than the world will.⁣

⁣That way, when the time is right, you can demand what you will from the world and you’ll be given in a hurry.⁣
The time for cutting is coming.⁣

⁣To your continued Digital Productivity,⁣

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