Toiling all night

Toiling all night


Writing this post became personal for me really fast because of how burdened I was going through this myself.⁣

In 2017, I had just started understanding what personal development really means… How it works and the possible rewards.⁣

So I went into a spiral of intentional learning.⁣
I have an ability to learn really fast… And as much as it was a blessing, it was soon looking like a curse.⁣

In 2018, I knew so much, did so little and had so little.⁣
I was at a point of relative confusion. I didn’t know what to do… What to start. I was good at a lot already.⁣
As a Christian, I started looking at an option that eliminates “mistakes”.⁣

I didn’t want to do anything anymore… I wanted to pray until I knew exactly what my “purpose” is and then go ahead and do it.⁣
I wanted to walk “in the will of God”⁣

So I was going to take a pause, sit back, relax and not do anything till he “speaks”.⁣
One day I was speaking with my mentor Elisha Mamman and he said something that moved me out of that intelligent ignorance.⁣

“Being led by the spirit is not something that happens in a day. It is an every day walk. It is a daily lifestyle”⁣

⁣Looking back, I’m glad I listened to the inner voice.⁣
⁣Sometimes we are so concerned with knowing the will of God that we ignore what has already been written in the word.⁣

⁣We want an external voice coming from a burning bush when we haven’t finished obeying the ones already available.⁣

⁣So we pause, sit back, relax and not do anything till he “speaks”.⁣

⁣Can I tell you a secret?⁣

⁣You don’t have to be idle for God to speak to you.⁣

⁣You don’t have to be idle for God to use you.⁣
⁣Let’s look at Simon Peter… The rock.⁣

⁣His very first encounter with Jesus happened after he had toiled all night on the waters without any fish to show for it.⁣
Does that look like someone that is lazy? That is not doing anything?⁣

⁣Some people would have gone home to sleep after the first hour of not catching any fish.⁣

⁣He toiled all night.⁣

⁣And it was at his place of “work” that Jesus called him. Not while he was idle.⁣
⁣Do you know that Jesus still asked for his service from his previous skill even after calling him?⁣

⁣But we don’t want to offend these people. So go to the lake and drop in a line. Pull up the first fish you hook, and in its mouth you will find a coin worth enough for my Temple tax and yours. Take it and pay them our taxes.”⁣
Matthew 17:27 GNT⁣

⁣⁣The skill still brought money even after he had been called.⁣
⁣Do not ignore the Word of God while waiting for the Word of God.⁣
Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, replenish it.⁣
Fruits come by planting, not by sitting in the middle of seeds.⁣
What seeds are you planting?⁣

⁣How are you planting your time? Your energy? Your money?⁣

⁣You don’t need to be idle for God to speak to you.⁣
⁣Don’t stop. ⁣

⁣Do not stop. ⁣⁣⁣

God gives increase… But Paul has to plant first… Apollos has to water sufficiently. ⁣

We serve a God that loves partnership. ⁣

⁣Do your part. ⁣

⁣Don’t stop pushing to become more. ⁣

⁣I believe in you. ⁣
Believe in yourself.⁣

⁣To your continued Digital Productivity,⁣


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