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Learn how to DESIGN and MANAGE a PROFITABLE WEBSITE from start to finish without writing any line of code, even if this is your first time

I started my web design journey in 2016 as a new skill I was excited about… But it took me 2 years before I got to work on my very first site.
It was 2 years of learning and practice, 2 years that you do not have to go through.
Over time, from my personal experience, I have come to a conclusion that NOBODY NEEDS A WEBSITE, not even you.
What people need is a TOOL to achieve their goals.
A website is only as good as it’s functionality… the things it can do.
In this course, I break down the process that helps you set up a truly functional website for your personal and business brand, and do same for others.

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What You Will Gain From This Course:

  • How to buy a Domain name.
  • How to Host your domain name
  • How to design a functional website using wordpress CMS
  • Best themes and plugins for your web design process
  • How to activate integrations for email marketing on your website
  • How to use graphic design tools for Web Design Processes.
  • How to automate activities on your website.
  • Creating simple, clear pages that convert
  • How to create your first website from scratch.
  • How to manage and optimize a wordpress website

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BONUS: The Business of Web Design

How to Get Started with Clients and profitability using your skill

About The Facilitator

Fii Stephen builds digital assets for brands, strategizes and executes their marketing for profitability.
Fii is passionate about helping businesses in Africa maximize digital tools and platforms available for scaling.

He has facilitated several sessions and trained over 2000 people in the last 12 months on practical digital-related subjects like Digital Marketing, Digital product creation, and Digital Productivity.

He is an alumnus of Digital Entrepreneurship from Facebook Nigeria sponsored Fate Foundation AEP program, an alumnus of Entrepreneurship and Business Finance from Kaduna Business school and a beneficiary of the Facebook Developer circles scholarship and the Udacity Mobile Web specialist scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

The Profitable Web Design Course is N15,000 ($35) only.

This is self-paced course. You can complete it at your own time, but the first set of participants will have a 30 days free accountability period to start up their first site.

This course teaches you how to create a personal website and can also be used to create a business website in record time.

This training focuses on building a functional website using wordpress

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Growth will cost you, but not growing will cost you more.” – Fii Stephen 

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